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Saving Grocery Money

A money saving tip is only good if it works for you. The Fat Dollar will help you use what you already have as well as things you can easily get. Our motto is that a money saving tip should be interesting, fun, relatively easy, and should awaken your creative spirit.

The books below are e-Books available for immediate download.

SPECIAL OFFER:With purchase of any of the e-books below, The Fat Dollar is offering a FREE bonus hard copy cookbook - Clever and Delicious Cooking - a cookbook with recipes specifically to help you use the ingredients you already have in your kitchen and pantry. After your e-book purchase is completed, send us an email with the title of the book you ordered, the date of purchase, the order number and the address that you would like the book shipped to. The Clever and Delicious Cooking cookbook is free and shipping is free. Each of the e-Books has a money-back guarantee. The Clever and Delicious Cooking cookbook is yours to keep in either event.


Couponing Secrets of Real Power Couponers

Become a Power Couponer

Become a Power Couponer - Couponing Secrets of Real Power Couponers -

Step-by-Step Strategies to save hundreds of dollars on a shopping trip!

How to double up on coupons to double up savings

Purchase includes access to MEMBERS ONLY forum for sharing and learning even more about extreme couponing.


Frugal Mom's Cookbook

Get organized and cook healthy, delicious, easy meals. Have more free time every day and save money with these easy, frugal recipes. Step by step instructions with detailed plans and check lists and over 70 recipes.

This is an e-book available for immediate download.

Frugal Mom's Guide to Once a Month Cooking


Grocery Shopping System Book

This grocery shopping system works ... no matter where you live.

FInish your grocery shopping in half the time. This system not only saves money, but it greatly reduces the time that you need to spend shopping for food. You'll be shopping smarter, not harder.

Includes tips on how to compare prices, discovering hot deals, links to valuable online resources, and more!

Step-by-step game plan that guarantees your success.

This publisher also offers three free bonuses (these are from the publisher, and not from The Fat Dollar ... the Clever and Delicious Cookbook would be in addition to these)

#1 - Grocery Pricebook for keeping track of prices - a valuable tool in reducing your grocery budget while increasing your food purchases.

#2 - 50 Simple Recipes - favorite meals from the author, Lana Dorazio

#3 - Exclusive Interview with a grocery store manager. You will be amazed at the insider secrets of the grocery store business that will you discover from this interview



Clever and Delicious Cooking Cookbook

Order any of the above eBooks and receive FREE the Simple Life Corp cookbook - Clever and Delicious Cooking - a cookbook designed to help you use ingredients that you have on hand in your kitchen and pantry. Don't throw away 25% of your food purchases! Learn to use them with these delicious recipes.

After you purchase any of these eBooks - Power Couponer, Frugal Mom's Guide to Once-A-Month Cooking, or Save Thousands Grocery Shopping, just send us an email to: fatdollaroffer at simplelifecorp.com

You must include your purchase date, purchase title, and order number, and of course, the shipping address where we should send your free cookbook.

You may view details on the Clever and Delicious Cooking cookbook at the Simple Life Corp site.



Books are offered in association with Clickbank. Each eBook is offered by the respective publisher or author.

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