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Save Money on Gas for Your Car

Use the Expected MPG by Car to Save on Gas



Classic CarThe US Department of Energy has a nifty little tool for looking up the expected gas mileage of your vehicle. This tool works for both new and used cars. It has updated expected mileage figures for older cars, as well as mileage reports from actual drivers of your model of car. Knowing the expected gas mileage of your vehicle is a good step toward increasing the gas mileage of your vehicle. If your car's actual gas mileage is noticeably lower than these estimates, then you should first look at your driving habits and then look at the possibility that your car's engine or tires need some attention. (See The Fat Dollar's article on Saving Money on Gas for ideas on changing your driving habits for better gas mileage.)

Another use for this tool is estimating a vehicle's yearly gas cost when you are considering purchasing a new or used car. A few hundred dollars in gas savings each year can add up to a few thousand dollars in gas savings over the life of a vehicle.

The tool can also help you if you are putting together a spending budget and want a starting figure for your monthly gasoline expense.

And hey, if your gas mileage figures are noticeably better than the estimates on the site, then thumbs up! You're already ahead of the gas-saving game. And that is the Fat Dollar way!

Here is the US Department of Energy link: www.fueleconomy.gov





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